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Wooden chicken coop (coop)

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Amusing little wooden coop containing two nodding chickens. These are just soo cute, I had to get one for my daughter 10cm dia, 7cm high
Price: €4.04
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Akuaba doll (jo605)

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Let me now tell you the story of the Akuabadoll : A woman who wants a child sees the carver who gives her a doll, which she carries on her back or place under the bed. In the colonial days this even worked with an English Woman. Special features on the Akuaba doll also determine the character of the coming baby and after all Akuaba in Twi means „wellcome“. The mystical meaning of this figure is still alive . Approx 44cm. Made in Ghana.
Price: €24.72
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Painted mirror large (m15)

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Mirror encased in painted gold or silver frame of varying designs. made in peru. 15cm (round and square)
Price: €8.00
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Painted mirror small (m9)

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Wide assortment of different mirrors encased in painted gold or silver frame - 9cm (round and square)
Price: €4.00
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Oware game in box (oware)

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Originating in Africa, oware is the oldest board game still played all around the world today. Giving hours of fun, this game then stores away into its own beautifullly carved box. Comes with instructions. Size 46cm long x 16cm wide when open. Made in Ghana.

Download Instructions
Price: €30.96
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Cotton thai scarf (sca)

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Multi colour woven cotton scarves from Thailand in lovely colours. Click on the image to get an idea of what the finished product is. There are 20 colourways so please buy in multiples of 10 or 20. 170cm
Price: €9.46
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silk-tied wrapping paper (wp)

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10 sheets of printed paper from vietnam rolled together and tied with silk. Colourful, different and economical in price. Four designs supplied assorted. Blue, Red, Yellow, White.
Price: €5.36
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Woven band (wb)

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Brightly coloured and patterned ball of woven band for all kinds of decorative use. came in really useful at Christmas for string up Christmas cards! But you could use it for a hundred different and cheap
Price: €5.04
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African doll hanging (afd)

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Smart and colourfully dressed African doll hangings with movable arms and legs, soft materials. 12cm tall.Can be hung or sat...These are all hand made in Burkina Faso....
Price: €10.80
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Animal stick (ans)

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Brightly painted animals on sticks...........gecko/cat/bird...... Fun and colourful, would decorate any plant pot / coctail 20-25cm. From Bali
Price: €2.60
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small gold buddha heart pod (bhgs)

larger image... 

Gold painted hearts made from Bodi tree seeds of Thailand, these are look naturally like hearts on one side, and like your derriere on the other. approx 6cm x 7cm
Price: €4.76
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Painted sitting budha (bps)

larger image... 

Sitting budha, sitting. Mixed colours courtesy of my favourite Bali artist, Evan, who also makes the octopus! 20cm high. Handmade in Bali.
Price: €32.50
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Batic fan (btf)

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Beautiful batic fans in assorted colours and patterns. Bamboo frame, 20cm long.
Price: €2.08
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Boxed set 8 pencils and holder (P8)

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8 coloured crayons made from hazel twigs in a lovely birch holder. the whole product comes boxed. NEW LOW PRICE!
Price: €13.00
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crazy specs (cgl)

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Crazy colourful "specs" to look cool, but not help you see better! Great assortment of colours, sizes and patterns. Handcrafted in Ghana.
Price: €7.70
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Cow money box (cmb)

larger image... 

Kids will love to save money in this fun cow money box. Lightweight wood, brightly painted, with opening underneath. 16 x 10 x 16cm
Price: €11.00
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Candle in bamboo holder (cnl)

larger image... 

Candle in bamboo holder of mixed, silver, red. 9x9cm. from Bali
Price: €9.00
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Small round candle (cns)

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6x6cm candle in bamboo holder. Mixed colours and, gold silver From Bali
Price: €5.00
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Critters (cra)

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Made in Mexico using a hollowed seed shell. The moving part/parts are suspended from the inside roof of the nut with thread and glue. Clever! They move in the wind just like the dog my grandad used to have in the back window of his car! LIMITED STYLES LEFT.
Price: €2.84
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Decorative coconut shade (csd)

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Beautifully handcarved coconut shade for tealight, pot pourri, or just decoration! Approx 14cm diameter. Three different designs. I found these near Ubud. A slightly aggressive toothless lady insisted that I stop and bought them. Although she didn't speak a word of English, we had no problem coming to an agreement, they are lovely!
Price: €15.00
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